Zygosity analysis

Zygosity analysis service

Accurate knowledge on the zygosity of twins is highly important not only for personal reasons but also for medical purposes such as estimating the genetic component of a disease. Here at TAMM, we offer a robust and cost-effective test for determining the zygosity of a twin pair. The test is based on a panel of 39 validated SNPs and the zygosity is calculated as the likelihood of being monozygotic (identical) versus dizygotic (fraternal) based on the genotyping data. The genotyping is performed on MassARRAY Platform from Agena (www.agenabio.com). Until now, TAMM has analyzed 30238 samples (December 2022). 

The following citation is recommended for further information regarding the validation of the SNP panel and zygosity determination.


1.     Large-scale zygosity testing using single nucleotide polymorphisms.  

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