TAMM was established in 2002 and the first customer project was run in 2003. TAMM has always operated with high quality, but in 2012 we decided to formalize our high quality operations by accrediting the Agena genotyping method. Accreditation means that our operations comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025: 2017.

In practice, this means that our activities are, among other things, impartial and confidential. Every customer is equally valuable to us. We have good and purposeful laboratory facilities and modern instruments. Our professional and experienced staff contributes to ensuring our quality service. Data analysis is automated where possible to minimize errors and speed up the process.

Our laboratory is almost paperless. We have Nautilus LIMS, Centuri document control program, ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), databases and file servers. Traceability of samples and reagents, as well as keeping track of storage locations for lab items is handled by LIMS. We monitor and further develop our quality system through regular internal audits and management reviews.  We constantly monitor the quality of the analysis results through internal controls and proficiency tests. We always handle customer feedback carefully. Every customer is important to us.

Agena Certified Service Provider

TAMM has also taken part in a certified service provider program by Agena and achieved the certification Agena Certificate Service Provider for both genotyping and methylation analysis in 2013.