Microarrays – Illumina

Methylation and genotyping service with Illumina

TAMM offers array based genomic analysis using the Illumina iScan system. Illumina has a broad portfolio of arrays for the iScan system which encompasses: genotyping, CNV analysis, methylation profiling for a large number of species.


Genotyping arrays

Illumina’s portfolio of Illumina’s genotyping arrays ranges from ultra-high density arrays used for population studies, to arrays designed for biobanks and genome-wide association studies (GWAS). They can accurately detect point mutations, copy number variants, and chromosome aberrations.

Methylation arrays

Illumina’s methylation arrays facilitate quantitative methylation measurement at the single-CpG-site level and the profiling of multiple samples in parallel, to deliver high-throughput power while minimizing the cost per sample. The Infinium® Methylation EPIC BeadChip is the next-generation of the Human Methylation Bead Chip and has replaced the 450K array during spring 2016. More than 850,000 CpGs in enhancer regions, gene bodies, promoters and CpG islands are analyzed in each sample. Importantly, in addition to 350,000 new markers, the EPIC beadchip also contains > 90 % of the original 450K CpG content.


Please see the section on experimental design and data analysis for more information.