How to order

How to order


Mail the Agena or the Illumina contact person for discussing your project.


Download the order form. Fill in the form and send it to the contact person.


The project coordinator or the appointed lab engineer will contact you with a project design.


A firm contract is written together with the lab manager or the project coordinator.


Download the two forms: Sample information and Plate layout. Fill in the forms and send them to the project coordinator or the appointed lab engineer.


Download the Delivery Note form, fill it in and print it out. Deliver the samples to TAMM together with the Delivery Note printout.

How to fill in the forms

There are three excel files with all the information about your samples and what SNPs you want to analyse:

This file contains three sheets: Customer information, SNP ordering and Plates to be run. In the SNP ordering sheet you should provide information related to the SNPs to be genotyped. Preferably you provide us with each SNP rs number (provided by e.g. dbSNP), which will give us all the information we need for design of the assays. If (and only if) your SNP is not present in such databases (i.e. researcher’s identified polymorphism), we would like you to provide us with 150 bp sequence flanking the SNP on each side. The actual SNP should be marked in the format [A/T] (where A and T are the two alleles at the polymorphic site).

In this file you should provide the basic information related to your sample material (e.g. pedigree family data when appropriate, source of DNA, affection status, DNA concentration etc). Follow the directions in the heading comments in the file and fill out all columns relevant to your samples. The file will be used to register your samples into our LIMS database.

In this file you should provide the information about the organization of the DNA samples on your plates and your plate names (e.g. 1, 2, 3 etc), according to the column headings in the file template above. We prefer 96-well format plates, but we do also accept DNA in 384-well format, please inquire.

Contact person – Agena projects:

Ann-Charlotte Rönn, PhD (Project coordinator)
Tel: +46 8 1238 3662

Contact person – Illumina projects:

Astrid Fungmark (Laboratory engineer)
Tel: +46 8 1238 3642