Agena MA4 MassARRAY

The laboratory is equipped with a MALDI-TOF instruments (MA4).

Agena MassARRAY Nanodispenser RS1000

Two bench top nanodispenser are used for transfer of samples to be analyzed in the Agena Compact or MA4 MassARRAY.


Illumina iScan reader

We have one microarray scanning instrument from Illumina.


Illumina hybridization oven

The instrument is used in the workflow of Illumina microarray analysis.

Applied Biosystems Veriti thermocycler

We have four new Veriti instruments with 384-well  sample block and two with 96-well sample block.

Applied Biosystems GeneAmp PCR Systems 9700 thermocycler

We have seven instruments with two 384-well sample blocks each and one instrument with two 96-well blocks.

Beckman Biomek FXp robot

Beckman Biomek FXp robot with 96-well head and Span-8 pod is utilized for pipetting steps in the pre-PCR laboratory.

EpMotion 5075 robot

EpMotion 5075 robot with 8-pin head is utilized for pipetting steps in the post-PCR laboratory.

Tecan Evo robot

Tecan Freedom Evo robot is utilized to automate the post-PCR processing steps concerning to projects on Illumina iScan.

Nanodrop ND-1000

We use this micro-volume spectrophotometer for quantification of nucleic acid.

SpectraMax i3x

This instrument is used for fluorometric quantification of DNA.

Illumina MiSeq

This instrument is ustilized for integrating cluster generation, amplification, sequencing, and data analysis.